Top Music Countdown Online Subscription: Public School Edition

Your yearly online subscription gives you a powerful teaching and discussion tool. The main feature of Top Music Countdown is the Top 25 Review, written by Anna Scally and Sherry Del Monte. This monthly report features 25 of the top songs on the charts. For each song, we describe the issues and values presented in the song, along with related discussion questions and activities to incorporate into your teen conversations, classes, meetings, or other youth-related activities. We also identify the values in each song as positive, negative, and neutral, and identify great songs for discussion, reflection, or dance. Imagine using the music that young people listen to as a tool to spark positive dialogue and action!

Along with the Top 25 Review, each online issue of Top Music Countdown comes with valuable articles that keep you up-to-date with youth culture and give you creative and effective ways to incorporate elements of their music and culture into your program. These articles are written by a diverse group of outstanding columnists. The articles include:

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Song reviews for one positive and one negative song on the charts, along with a description of issues and a complete meeting design for each song.
  • In the Classroom: Music can be a powerful teaching tool. This article provides you with processes and reflections to help you use music effectively in the classroom.
  • Tuned-In Parents: Parents, are you looking for a way to connect with your teen? We give you some practical ideas using popular music and other youth-related media to help you communicate meaningfully with one another.
  • Movie Reviews: What's playing at the theaters? Find out from a seasoned teacher. You'll learn about some of today's biggest motion pictures, plus some ways to incorporate the themes from these movies into your next class or meeting.
  • Special Features by guest youth writers: Three times each year, a guest youth writer contributes an article to Top Music Countdown.
  • Life on the Road by Anna Scally: The president of Cornerstone Media recounts her experiences as she travels throughout the U.S., Canada and beyond working with teens at workshops, youth rallies and more!

After signing up for Top Music Countdown, you will receive an e-mail within 2 business days from Cornerstone Media containing your username and password to begin enjoying your online subscription right away.

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Top Music Countdown Online Subscription: Public School Edition

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