Stations of the Cross CD Kit

This year, help the Stations of the Cross come alive for your young people! The featured CD of this kit contains 14 audio reflections based on Jesus' walk to Calvary. Each reflection contains commentaries by young people applying each station to their own lives and issues. Additionally, each reflection is illustrated with clips of current hit songs. Young people and adults alike will be amazed at the powerful result of this unique presentation! While these audio tracks are wonderful for personal reflection, you can do so much more with them:
The kit contains 2 CDs and a Leader's Booklet.

  • Use at teen meetings, retreats, and church worship
  • Use for special Lent and reconciliation services
  • Combine the reflections with slides or video clips to create a multi-media presentation
  • Create a living presentation by having your young people act out each of the 14 Stations

A second CD contains these four reflections:

  • Holy Thursday: "Why Should We Stay?"
  • Good Friday: "Troubled One's Day"
  • Holy Saturday: "The Mind of Jesus Dies"
  • Easter Sunday: "If Only Jesus Rises"

The kit contains 2 CDs along with a leader's booklet containing the script of what is spoken on both CDs. The music is updated in February of each year.

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Stations of the Cross CD Kit

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