Scripture Themes and Popular Music CD Kit

Bring the Bible's messages to today's young people by weaving their music into these important stories. Your teens and young adults will be surprised that the issues in these ancient stories are the same issues in their music!

With the help of these unique audio tracks, your teens and young adults will identify closely with:

  • real Scripture characters
  • their feelings
  • their situations
  • their problems

Here is a list of the audio tracks on our three kits:

Scripture Heroes: Peer Pressure—The Story of Ruth; So Lonely—The Story of Job; Forgive and Forget—Saul and David; Breath of Life—Isaiah; Expectations— The Conversion of Paul; Making Things Right—Seventy Times Seven.

Scripture Teachings: Promises, Promises—A Covenant with God; The Wisdom of Solomon; Full of Life—Each Day a Gift; Our Rock and Our Refuge—God is with Us; Remembering Friends—Jesus’ Model of Friendship.

Miracles of Jesus: Someone to Believe—The Woman at the Well; Healed and Forgiven—The Paralyzed Man; Only God Is Perfect—The Woman Caught; Hearts of Stone—The Blind Beggar; The Canaanite Woman—Healed by Faith; Never Alone—Jesus Appears to the Disciples.

Each kit comes complete with 2 CDs and access to the Scripture Themes and Popular Music web page, which contains the scripts for all of the audio tracks, as well as effective ways to use this resource with your young people. These powerful audio tracks can be used not only for classes and meetings, but also as a source for personal reflection. Through current songs, help the Scriptures come alive for your young people. Hearing is believing!

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Scripture Themes and Popular Music CD Kit

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