Lord's Prayer/Reconciliation CD

The Lord's Prayer   

Two teens are mumbling the Lord's Prayer when God shows up to chat!

  • Helps teens understand what they are praying
  • Promotes a dialogue on what is important in prayer
  • A clear, direct message with very funny moments
  • Includes a meeting design for your youth group, class or family


A girl confesses her sins using a time-honored formula, only this time God turns this moment into a powerful conversation!

  • Focuses on the key issues of sin and forgiveness
  • Creates the opportunity to dialogue with teens on how sin weakens or destroys relationships with God, others and self
  • Experience God working with a teenager as they move together toward life-changing insights and decisions
  • Includes a powerful meeting design for your youth group, class or family

For only $20, you'll receive our two SHORTEST soundtracks with the LONGEST effects on your teens!

We encourage you to play each soundtrack only on a stereo system. Be sure to separate the speakers as widely as possible. Lower the lights and play the CD. Then prepare to be amazed by what happens!

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Lord's Prayer/Reconciliation CD

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