Dirty Dozen & Psalm 151 CD

Cornerstone Media's most popular audio product is produced every year from the ideas sent to us from thousands of teens! Every year in October and November, we ask young people from the United States, Canada, and beyond to send us their ballots nominating the best-value and worst-value hit songs from the current calendar year. We use these nominations to create the Dirty Dozen and Psalm 151 audio tracks, radio-style "countdown shows" that count down the best-value and worst-value songs of the year while discussing the values contained within the songs. Your CD comes complete with meeting designs. These lively, engaging, and up-to-date audio tracks are great for classes, meetings or personal reflection. However you use them, these countdown shows will really get your teens talking!

Many people realize that some of the messages in today's music is not positive. Unfortunately, some people respond to these negative messages by asking our young people to turn off their music. We have a better idea. Instead of not listening, let's listen carefully and critically to these negative messages. Then we can have a great discussion about the messages in the music, and how to keep these negative values from destroying ourselves and our relationships. It could be an incredible discussion! The Dirty Dozen counts down the 12 worst-value songs of the past calendar year, according to the ballots sent to us by thousands of teens. The audio track contains clips of the 12 songs, plus commentary discussing the values presented in each song. This countdown show will really get your teens talking about important issues that affect all of us!

The last Psalm in the Hebrew Scriptures, Psalm 150, asks us to praise God with all of the musical instruments and our voices. What would that sound like today? Thousands of teens respond to this question every year by nominating songs for Psalm 151, a countdown of the best-value songs of the year. As your young people listen to the 21 songs on the countdown, they will be amazed and inspired as they hear God's values through some of their favorite artists. The audio track contains clips of all 21 songs, plus commentary discussing the values presented in each song. Help your teens learn to use their own music as tools for reflection, inspiration, and prayer!
A new edition of the Dirty Dozen & Psalm 151 CD is available each year in January. As teens evaluate their music and its values, you'll be sure to have some of the liveliest meetings of the year!

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Dirty Dozen & Psalm 151 CD

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